Thursday, January 7, 2016

Feelings towards "Alive Inside"

“Alive Inside” was a documentary about using music to help relieve the pain caused by dementia and Alzheimer's. This video made me feel emotional due to the fact that we watched people who had not been responsive in years awaken simply by listening to a song from their past that brought back memories. This made me tear up a bit because the footage was so raw and real. It really put life into perspective, and it gave me an excuse to always listen to music. The documentary was incredible, and I’m very glad we watched it.
--Colton Tosh

This week, the journalism team watched a video on Alzheimer's, called “Alive Inside.” This article was very informative, and it talked about how music can influence the brain and bring back memories that people cannot normally think about. Throughout the documentary, I learned quite a bit about the disease, and it talked about how medicine doesn’t help as much as other things. I felt many mixed emotions through this video. It made me happy to see people dancing around, and being happy while talking about their past, but I was sad to know that not many people are getting to experience the happy things that others do, and do things that people can do.
--Bairek Bush

As I was watching "Alive Inside," I started feeling sad for everyone who has dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It’s upsetting to know that some people don’t have their memory anymore and can’t remember all the good times they had. Seeing them react to music like that though warmed my heart. They were able to remember some of the things music took them back to. Knowing that they were happy when they got to listen to their music put a smile on my face.
--Jaden Baker

The documentary "Alive Inside" had many different emotions throughout the entire film. Some would say they made them feel hopeful, happy, sad, and joyous. The documentary made me feel hopeful and happy. It made me feel this way because I had a great grandpa who was affected by Alzheimer's. If I would’ve known what I now know, then he could still be here today. I loved seeing how they each reacted to the music and seeing them become overwhelmed with joy because of the music. I can understand how an old favorite song can bring back memories and make you happy. It is as if an old song comes on the radio and it changes your mood completely. It’s like a switch that is flipped when the song plays. I am hopeful for our future and for the vibe in nursing homes to go from a depressing mood to being a place that isn’t frowned upon going to. Because of this film, I am hopeful for our future.
--Kailee James

The movie "Alive Inside" brings to light quite a few saddening stories of nursing homes around the world. Most of this documentary will have you on the edge of tears as you see these elders’ living conditions and hear their life stories that most of them can hardly recall. It’ll really tug at the heart strings. Especially Denise, who was a bipolar woman that desperately wanted to just be remembered by somebody; she formed a bond with the filmmakers. However, almost every sad moment in this film is followed by the elders jamming out to their favorite tunes from back in the day. Their moods completely change, and their faces light up with life. Some of the elders even got up to dance with the interviewers! This is definitely a movie that will tackle all of your emotions and a film that has a clear message that might make you want to do some research.
--Triston Harlan

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