Friday, December 11, 2015

Star cards follow up

In a former article, I stated my opinion on the star program stating whether or not the stars were good or a bad thing. I asked a variety of students what they thought about the program. Some students agreed with my statement about the amount of stars per reward should be lowered for doing more than the normal. These student's opinions were that the stars can be a little childish for high school students and that they feel should be more directed towards middle school students. Some students believe that the star program won’t help them in their future careers; if you’re rewarded for getting to class on time, does that mean that you should get a raise every time you make it to work on time?
While other students didn’t agree so much and said that they liked the star program
“However teachers should have found some positive behavior in every student they serve by now to recognize them at least once. This is one way to build rapport and relationships, which teachers need in order to have an effective classroom and conducive learning environment” -Mrs. Branch
Multiple people were asked to answer a survey during lunch about our STAR program. We separated the poll by grades.

8th graders
44% said that they liked the STARs, leaving comments like; 
“I like them because it tells you how good you are.”
“It’s a good way to show you have been acting and for us to get recognition.”
“They are cool but the events cost too much.”
36% said they did not like the STARs, saying;
“They don’t show you a true representation of good behavior. If you are a ‘bad’ kid that gets in trouble a lot and do one good thing, you get a star.”
“I don’t see the point. I really don’t see why we have them. It reminds me of elementary!”
“I think you need too many to get into awards. Also, the teachers never give them out.”
20% of the students said they were indifferent.
“They’re good rewards but teachers don’t give out enough”
“I hate how we have to have stars to do fun things”
9th graders
42%  Liked the stars, saying
“They’re okay, some teachers should pass out a little more than what they do.”
“They’re pretty chill.”
“I really like them”
37% Dislike the stars, saying
“I don’t get many of them. I feel like we’re a little old for them.”
“I feel like a kid when I get one.”
“They are for elementary children, not high school kids who are soon to be adults.”
21% of 9th graders were indifferent, saying
“Most teachers don’t give any out.”
“Not very useful to me.”
“I believe that the star program needs to be revived. It’s good that you want to reward good behavior but you need to find a different way to do it.”

10th graders
`35% Liked the stars. saying
“I think stars are a good thing but teachers don’t give them out often enough.”
“I like them, but it’s kinda strange that ‘we are supposed to have 100 by now’.”
“I like them, it gives you something to look forward to.”
42% disliked the stars;
“We aren’t children, we could get better rewards than starcards.”
“It’s an unfair system; teachers forget and kids don’t care. It’s high school. This is more of an elementary thing. No disrespect.”
“ I think they’re stupid.”
23% were indifferent, saying
“Nobody hands them out.”
“They let you win stuff so it’s chill.”
“I feel like I am in elementary again.”

11th graders
14% liked the stars, saying
“I like the program, but I feel like it could be improved greatly.”
“They’re alright.”

76% disliked the stars, saying
“I feel like they are a waste of time and resources. There are better ways of rewarding us.”
“I don’t think you should be rewarded for doing stuff you should already do anyway.”
“They aren’t handed out equal. I feel like we’re kids and they’re not handed out equally. I’m a good student and I barely have any.”

10% were indifferent, saying
“ Not enough teachers hand them out.”
“Rewards cost too much in comparison to how many stars are given out. It took me 4 months to acquire 22. I need 20 more months so I can afford 100+ stars required for Bass Pro.”

12th graders
6% liked the stars, saying
“I like how they make me feel when I get them.”
“I feel like there is only a select number of teachers who give stars out, but many do not.”
62% disliked the stars, saying
“They are a waste of time and money.”
“There is no need for them.”
“We are getting stars even if we do not earn them- it defeats the whole purpose.”
32% were indifferent, saying
“I think that we should get rid of them. All they do is make older students feel like they’re in elementary and can make some students feel like they’re not good enough if they can’t get into certain activities.”
“I like the idea of rewarding good behavior however, giving monopoly money to people who are old enough to drive and vote for answering a question in class feels elementary and somewhat degrading.”
“They are given out for stupid reasons, they have lost meaning.”
Just like everything in life, there are positives and negatives. The same concepts goes towards the star program, there are positives and negatives. Some positives is that if you do get 7 stars a day, then you’ll get to have the rewards even if you feel that you didn’t deserve the stars and it helps the teacher/student environment. Some negatives are that some students feel that the stars are childish or pointless and doesn’t help prepare students for the future.

--Kailee James

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