Friday, December 11, 2015

Phone addiction survey results

In order to follow up on our recent phone addiction article, “Are You Addicted To Your Phone?, we created a phone addiction survey. In order to get our results we passed these surveys out to students. On the survey there were eleven questions, ten of those being yes or no questions. At the bottom of the survey it was stated that if they answered yes to five or more questions, then the students might be addicted to their phones. Here are the results of the survey:
Out of the 40 students surveyed, 26 (65%)  answered five or more questions and 14 (35%) did not. We also had a question at the top that asked, “How many hours would you say that you spend on your phone per day?” The options were 0-3 hours, 3-6 hours, 6-9 hours, and 9 hours or more. Of the 40 students surveyed twelve said 0-3 hours, eighteen said 3-6 hours, six said 6-9 hours, and four said 9 or more hours.
--Kara Kelso, Haley Robinson, Whitnee Guthrie

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