Friday, November 6, 2015

What your style says about you

Okay look, we all know that style goes a long way. Let’s not kid ourselves--we all judge books by their covers just a tiny bit; it’s called a first impression. Most people wear clothes that express who they are and what they may represent, and then there's people who just kind of throw on some random clothes while they’re walking out of the door in the morning. Either way, what you wear can say a lot about you. It can put an idea of what you may be like into people’s brains. Let’s explore this idea… and by the way, I’m not claiming to be a fashion expert- my sense of style is pretty pathetic.
So let’s say there’s this hypothetical situation where you’re sitting in a Starbucks sipping on your pumpkin spice double-pump cinnamon topped caramel latte, observing people that walk through the door. Maybe a dude walks in wearing a white silk tux on top of a maroon undershirt with sunglasses and gel in his hair. What can we gather from that? More than likely, he’s a businessman by day, party man by night. Or an avid Scarface cosplayer! Then, a girl walks in wearing high heeled boots, a black hoodie, and a nasal septum piercing. She’s probably pretty cool, honestly. Could be one of those trend starters with that piercing and all, or maybe a bull trapped in a woman’s body. We don’t judge. After that, a sketchy looking guy with a lumberjack beard in plain white button up with red stains all over walks in carrying an ax and gives you a look like you have “come at me, bro” written on your forehead. Yeah, you’re probably right, he probably just spilled his cherry Kool-aid all over himself on the way to his bi-weekly woodworking class. The last person walks in, a girl wearing square toed boots, a “Trump 2016” t-shirt under a camo jacket, and a Ducks Unlimited hat with the bill all rolled up. Hmm… what’s the first thing that pops in our heads? She probably likes fishing!
As you can clearly see, a person’s clothes can say a lot about them. It can be important to choose outfits carefully so that we all give off a good first impression. At the same time, though, our style is a great opportunity to express our individuality. Everyone is unique, and our wardrobe should reflect that- often times, it will even if we don’t want it to. Just make sure that you ask yourself if what you see in the mirror is a good reflection of who you are as a person every once in awhile. Seriously.

--Triston Harlan

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