Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Things to consider when choosing a college

  1. Does the school have a club or organization you want to be a part of? This could include a religious group on campus, intramural sports or a weird club
  2. When visiting for campus life, do you see yourself being attracted to or friends with others around you? College isn't a place to be a loner!
  3. Is traveling an issue? Is the temptation to skip class due to distance too strong?
  4. Are there a lot of places to sit on campus, including benches, grassy fields, etc.? These spots are conducive to lounging with friends, people watching, and doing homework.
  5. Does the town support the college and the college support the town? Meaning, does the college have relationships with employers in the city.
  6. Is dorm life at the school what you’re looking for?
  7. You will more than likely be on campus A LOT, so check and see if there's a wide variety of places to go to, such as restaurants.
  8. How are the professors? Its very important that you are learning from your professors.
  9. Comprise a budget plan! You'll hate being broke all the time.
  10. Does this college fulfill your essential expectations as far as you can tell? Some things on this list may not be essential to you, but you should make sure wherever you decide to go to college that it at least fulfills the essentials for you.

I hope this short list of things to think about while picking a college benefits the students reading it.
--Tristen Qualls

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