Friday, November 6, 2015

Suicide Squad Character Countdown


For this month’s Suicide Squad member, I’m going to cover the character Deadshot, being played by actor Will Smith in the movie to be released August of next year. His origin story is pretty mysterious, serving as a basic one-dimensional villain for the DC Universe. What we do know about him is that his real name is Floyd Lawton, he’s an extremely skilled marksman, and he joined the Suicide Squad after being imprisoned by the Dark Knight himself.
Deadshot is an interesting addition to the squad because of his unique goal. He is simply focused on doing the job without killing any innocents. Unlike the other members of the squad, he is not trying to win back his freedom from prison; he has a death wish. For an unknown reason, he strives to die in some extraordinary way. In the end, he will be a great addition to the team simply because Will Smith is awesome.

--Triston Harlan

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