Monday, November 16, 2015

Spectre Review

   Spectre is the latest installment to James Bond franchise starring the incredibly suave Daniel Craig. Now, before we get started, I’d like to point out that I myself have never fully sat through a Bond film, so this review is completely unbiased. I went into this movie knowing that 007 is a codename for a secret agent that has snazzy gadgets, pretty ladies, and top notch tuxedos- and that was about it.
Okay, so this movie was heavily flawed in my opinion. I was pretty disappointed, this being my first Bond movie and all. Everything in this movie seems to move so slow and is filled with scenes that just feel like filler or set up for the next action scene. That’s sad considering the film is almost two and a half hours long. Along with the pacing, the story is pretty boring. Not much happened that interested me; it just all felt kind of like a generic action movie plot that we’ve seen 100 times before. That may be just because I haven’t seen the previous movies of the series, but still. One thing this movie did have going for it, however, was its villain. Christoph Waltz, the only reason I wanted to see this movie I might add, plays the villain, Blofeld, in this installment. He does a masterful job as you might expect after his work on films like Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, but the villain as a character doesn’t feel very well developed. The scenes involving Waltz and Craig, although, were always the most intense and gripping scenes of the entire movie by far.
All in all, this movie was alright. If you are a fan of the other Daniel Craig movies, or just James Bond movies in general, then perhaps you’ll enjoy this movie more than I did. It’s intense and exciting when it wants to be, but when it isn’t, talk about a total snore-fest...
--Triston Harlan

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