Monday, November 16, 2015

Carly Fiorina on the issues

It’s election season, and there are a lot of candidates, however there are only a few good candidates. My favorite candidate is Carly Fiorina, and I figured I would just share her views with you.

Civil Rights
  • U.S. will be better off when women have equal opportunities.
  • Supreme Court overstepped by legalizing same-sex marriage.
  • I don't just Tweet about equal pay; I lead on pay standards.
  • Women professionals are not treated the same as men.
  • Marriage is between a man and a woman; but civil unions ok.
  • No same-sex marriage; yes civil unions; repeal DADT.
  • Proud conservative vote for Proposition 8.
  • 1976: Worked with monogamous gay couples in college.
  • Hired by AT&T after court ordered them to promote more women.
  • Supports Amendment to prevent same sex marriage.
  • Opposes Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Foreign Policy
  • Rebuild 6th fleet instead of talking to Putin.
  • No Iran nuke deal unless we can inspect.
  • I know more world leaders than any candidate except Hillary.
  • Our allies need specific help to defeat ISIS.
  • I know the leaders of the Mideast; Obama & Hillary does not.
  • Advised CIA on Russian affairs after 2007.
  • I've accomplished something by traveling around the world.
  • Lack of American leadership causes world trouble.
  • No deal with Russia nor Iran on nuclear cooperation.
  • Attended grade school in U.S., England, and Africa.
  • In Africa, experienced being only white person in the room.
  • 1977: Taught English to Italian businessmen in Bologna.
  • Traveled extensively to learn international opportunities.

Gun Control
  • Strong supporter of Second Amendment gun rights.
  • Opposed 1994 assault weapon ban; opposes no-fly list gun ban.
  • Assault weapon ban is arbitrary about which weapons qualify.
  • No-fly list is mismanaged; don't bar gun sales based on it.
  • Opposes restrictions on the right to bear arms.
  • Rated AQ by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record.

War and Peace
  • Arm the Kurds and other allies in the Mideast.
  • Ok to deal with Iran, but with anytime/anywhere inspections.
  • Provide materiel to Jordan, & intel to Egypt, to fight ISIL.
  • Break off Iran nuclear negotiations; keep sanctions.
  • Impose crippling sanctions on Iran.
  • Impose crippling sanctions against Iran.
  • Impose sanctions on Iran: no refined petroleum imports.
  • Two-state solution with Jerusalem as undivided capital.
  • Opposes timetable for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Health Care
  • Repeal ObamaCare; it's vast legislative overreach.
  • Competitive insurance market instead of crony capitalism.
  • Start with medical malpractice reform & more competition.
  • Opposes government-run healthcare.
  • Repeal any federal health care takeover.
--Mackenzi Wood

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