Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Year round school survey

Two weeks ago, we wrote an article to inform students about the pros and cons of year-round schooling. With the help of the English teachers, we handed out surveys that asked students from grades 8-12 to read our article and then tell us if they were for or against year-round school. To our surprise, more students were in favor of year-round school than against. The Tribal Tribune Team wants to thank all of the students who participated in our survey and the teachers who helped us get the surveys to the students. In all, 59.4% of students surveyed were for year-round school and 40.6% were against. The main reasons that students were against it were summer jobs, summer activities such as sports and camps, and it would be difficult to get used to. However, students who liked to idea said that it would be less stressful, more opportunities for breaks, and information will be more easily retained.

--Kara Kelso, Whitnee Guthrie, & Haley Robinsn

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