Monday, October 5, 2015

Suicide Squad character countdown

Harley Quinn is a pretty iconic DC character; she’s also a member of the Suicide Squad which will be released on August 5,2016. It’s a long ways away, but it doesn’t hurt to get educated in some of these villains before the movie, and I thought why not start with Harley Quinn?

  • She is immune to acid- In one of the old animated Batman series, Poison Ivy gave her a serum that grants her super strength and agility as well as immunity to acid and toxins.
  • She’s an expert in weaponry-- She is an expert in guns, various fighting styles, has great agility, and perfect control over her signature mallet. She also has a bunch of silly weapons.
  • She has a good side- Harley used to be a psychologist in Arkham Asylum, so there’s obviously a sane side there. In the 2011-2014 Suicide Squad comics, she started to become normal again as her Harleen Quinzel self. However the Joker wouldn’t have it; he put her in a container of acid, successfully trying to turn crazy.
  • She fell in love with the Joker after one interview- She was an intern at Arkham as a psychologist, and she would organize regular appointments with him. The joker manipulated her with his stories of his abusive father and cruel childhood. He made her cry but also made her laugh, and she fell in love with him, but mostly out of sympathy.
  • She was in a spinoff- She was essentially a walk-on part in Batman: The Animated Series, she got more fleshed when Warner Brothers made her worthy enough of a spin-off show with a few other female characters.
  • Her first comic book appearances were in Elseworld Stories- In Thrillkiller and its sequel, she’s a schoolgirl named Hayley Fitzpatrick who dresses up in order to help a female version of the Joker.
  • She and Ivy were in a folk duo-  in the Thrillkiller, Ivy and Harley were like a legit couple.
  • Batman helped her get parole- She was in jail for a while; her parole request had been rejected by the Arkham board member Bruce Wayne. A new female villain tried to recruit Harley from her jail cell, which she turned down, Haley then tipped Batman and the commissioner off to her schemes , which was enough for Bruce to see she’s reformed, granting her parole.,manual

--Mackenzi Wood

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