Wednesday, October 14, 2015

School sports' affect on students

Some believe that sports are a distraction for students that interfere with their schoolwork while studies have discovered that sports actually help many students. Sports create lifetime benefits for all student athletes! There are 5 main benefits to students playing sports in high school. The first benefit of students playing sports is that it helps represent the community, which allows the community to be proud to have the honor of being included. The second benefit is that the athletes receive recognition for their achievements. I know from experience that this really does help students because it boosts your confidence! The third benefit is learning to understand the sports hierarchy, which can be important while going through  college. Usually freshmen will pick up all the equipment while seniors will lead exercises and help teach other teammates procedures, so the different roles depend on expectations and how long you’ve been a part of the program. The fourth benefit of sports is that it has taught students to learn guidance and leadership skills by helping the newer players learn the atmosphere of each sport or even teach them how to play or practice in order to improve. The fifth benefit to high school sports is the student's opportunity to work with various coaches. Being able to adapt to each coach's style will help you also through school to adjust to each teacher’s style of teaching. Therefore, I strongly agree that students playing sports in high school will excel in school.
--Caitlin Vickers

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