Monday, October 12, 2015

New 6s and 6s plus vs 6 and 6 plus

The standby time for the new iPhones is 240 hours. That is ten hours less than that of the regular 6. The talk time and the music time is still the same for both, those being 14 hours and 50 hours. The phone is the same size, but the camera is slightly different. The camera on the 6 and 6 plus is 8 mp, versus the camera of 12 mp on the “S”s. Being released in the same month, a year apart, there isn't really much difference between the two, but there is still a hype. This is just like every other phone, and will go in spells, and no one will ever be able to tell the difference between the original and s versions other than the small sticker on the back and the box that it comes in.
--Bairek Bush

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