Thursday, October 22, 2015

For the birds or for the education?

When you talk about famous college drop-outs, who comes to mind? Steve Jobs? Ralph Lauren? Oprah? How about F. Scott Fitzgerald? Any of these names ring a bell? The list goes on and on with names like these. It makes people sometimes wonder, and the question is always the same. Is college really worth it? As a high school student, I see my friends and peers choose both ways. One goes to college with hopes to make more money later in life, and one starts the workforce to immediately get a head start, just hoping to come out on top. With going to college, it is proven that you make more money later, but look at the money you spend while going. People argue that this delays your life and other things, such as buying a house or vehicle or even retirement. They argue against people who say that college makes people more social and that you get better benefits and salaries along with better employment rates. It’s all a big game of cat and mouse, and you have to pick which one you want to be. Which will you be?

--Bairek Bush

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