Monday, October 5, 2015

Are stars good or bad?

This week, teachers are making it rain stars. They’re given to students for anything now. So what is the purpose of these stars? The stars are supposed to be a reward for students who either step up, take responsibility, achieve academically, or respect themselves and others. The rewards for these stars come along the year; the first one was a pizza party, the second will be a movie, and the big one at the end of the year will be a trip to Bass Pro during the school day. Each prize costs a certain amount of stars which is why teachers hand them out for anything now. If you walk into the classroom on time, then you get a star. It has a good concept, but should the prizes be better or the amount of stars be lowered?   
--Kailee James

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  1. Teachers should not be making it rain stars or give stars for "anything" because this devalues the program. However teachers should have found some positive behavior in every student they serve by now to recognize them at least once. This is one way to build rapport and relationships, which teachers need in order to have an effective classroom and conducive learning environment. If every teacher recognizes a student they teach at least once the total stars a student would have would be seven if they are here all day. This number would not allow a student who has not earned any other stars a chance to participate in any event or activity because the least number needed to participate is ten. Therefore if the student has not worked in some other area they will still be short and the purpose of the incentive program holds true to its intent to acknowledge those who have earned it.
    If a teacher gave a student a star for being on time that is taking responsibility and fits in with the star criteria so teachers were right. Many students are late and this needs to cease so recognizing students for being prompt is good. If teachers gave it because the student has been late maybe they are trying to reverse the action by encouraging the student to meet up to the expectation of being on time.
    To answer the question should the stars be lowered,of course not, we want students to earn their way to an event. Giving students a push certainly does not imply they will accumulate enough to attend an event but it could encourage them to try. Lowering the amount of stars would really devalue the program because students could do so little and get so much. To answer the question should the prizes be better I was taught to be grateful for anything because people do not have to do for you. Perhaps some student need to learn this lesson to appreciate and be grateful what they have. If a person does not like the prize then that's their choice.
    I believe the questions that should be proposed are the following?
    Have students shown integrity when they receive star cards and tried to hold to the student accountability and responsibility that has been handed to them?
    Have students tried to promote WHS STAR program and not comment about if the prizes should be better or amount of stars lowered?
    Have students stepped up to other students to participate in a program that recognizes students who improve or do well?
    Have students taken responsibility to in their daily actions to add to the positive image of their school?
    Have students achieved academically or just turned in work to keep from going to Pow Wow?
    Have students respected others or themselves by respecting school expectations daily?
    Notice all the questions are to the students and the not the teachers because the accountability should be theirs. STAR cards are being given to students for their actions so the way teachers choose to give them out is up to them. Students if anyone has received cards for stepping up, taking responsibility, achieving academically, and respecting yourself or others continue to do so. The concept of the star cards are to encourage those who are doing right and improve and then encourage those who are struggling with doing right. The purpose of the incentives are to show appreciation and recognition not give students everything they want. Each student thus far has been saying thank you or how great the program is so it leads me to wonder was this someone's opinion or was valid research done??