Friday, October 9, 2015

Animal of the week

American Pika (Ochotona Princeps)
The American pika is native to north America; living in rock piles and mountains in the area. The pika is about the size of a hamster, but is more closely related to rabbits and hares than rodents. They have light brown and grey fur with round ears and an egg- shaped body. Like a hamster they have long whiskers and no tail. Pikas are herbivores who store and eat food year round. They like alpine grasses, sedges, thistles, fireweed, cushion plants, and lichens. Pikas have a complex system of colonies. They live individually with their colony and actively defend them from others. Due to their size they have a great deal of predators despite being closed off from most. They can communicate through barks, but when their biggest predator the weasel around they grow silent. They reach adult size around three months old.

--Bethany Barnes

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