Friday, October 16, 2015

Animal of the week

Camel (Camelus)
Camels are native to areas around Africa, Middle- East, and Asia. Asian Camels have two humps while Arabian camels only have one. Baby camels are born with no humps at all, but they can run immediately after birth. Mother and child pairings in camels are extremely close. Camels can travel looking for food in groups of up to 30 camels.They can drink up to seven liters of water a day. The camel does not store water in its hump, it is actually a reservoir for fatty tissue, this allows them to survive in extreme temperatures.  Although camels have small ears their sense of hearing is very keen. Since they live in sandy deserts camels have two rows of thick eyelashes to keep stuffs out of their eyes. They can also close off their nostrils and lips. Today, traveling circuses still use camels in their acts. This is not a healthy environment for the camels.  There are over 160 words for “camel” in the Arabic language.
--Bethany Barnes

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