Monday, October 26, 2015

ACT test tips

To receive a good composition score, studying for the ACT is essential! Here are a few tips to take into consideration when preparing for the test:

  1. Buy or check out ACT study books that have practice test with tips explaining to you how to answer each question to your best ability.
  2. Use the entire time you are given for each section to go back and review your answers to be sure you didn’t answer the question wrong.
  3. Get inside the heads of the test makers by developing an understanding of the test maker's preference in answer choices to make a better educated guess on the harder problems.
  4. Learn the most frequently tested concepts such as, trigonometry, algebra, and geometry on the math section. If you don’t know one of the concepts, study and learn it!
  5. Pinpoint your weakness and attack them! Find out what you need to work on and address the issue!
  6. Do timed practice to check your pacing in order to develop a strategy.
  7. Memorize and familiarize the instructions for each test to save yourself time.
8. Relax the night before the test so you’re not stressed out on the test day.
--Caitlin Vickers

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