Monday, September 28, 2015

Who's Who?

8th Grade
Class Favorites- Matthew Crabtree and Paige Cox
Beauty and Beau- Serena Batten and Grant Hoots

9th Grade
Class Favorites- Avery Felts and Gracen Lattin
Beauty and Beau- Anna Dresbach and Evan Rose

10th Grade
Class Favorites- Gage Pipkin and Leticia Mancilla
Beauty and Beau- Maranda Lee and Luke Hart

11th Grade
Class Favorites- Logan Tribble and Kaitlyn Vernon
Beauty and Beau- Shelby Leonard and Matt Fort

12th Grade
Beauty and Beau- Whitnee Guthrie and Colton Tosh
Best Hair-Toby Tyler and Journee Fernandez
Best Personality- Gage Golden and Rachel LeBaron
Best Smile- Bairek Bush and Emily Tate
Class Clown- Cason Storey and Rachel Johnson
Funniest- Jordan Kellum and Tosha Parrish
Loudest- Zach Crain, Mackenzi Wood, and Taylor Watkins
Most Athletic- JT Schwarz and Britnee Carson
Most likely to be late for Graduation- Zuri Orozco and Sami Baker
Sassiest- Matthew Quillman and Jakara Lockhart
Social butterfly- Taner Wolverton and Haley Goodebiddle
Class Favorites- Taner Wolverton and Britnee Carson
Mr. and Miss WHS- Zuri Orozco and Hallyn Rowell
--Rachel Lebaron

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