Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Staying Motivated Throughout High School

As a new school year comes around, many students start the year with the motivation to make good grades and try their hardest. However, as the school year progresses, students’ motivation seems to disappear. After the first several weeks of homework and quizzes, most students no longer feel the motivation that they felt on the first day of school. There are several steps that high school students can take to be able to stay motivated throughout the length of the school year.
Procrastination is a big problem that a lot of students have. To avoid procrastination, big projects should never be put off until the last minute. Tackle bigger assignments a little at a time instead of scrambling to do it all the night before it’s due. It can also help to keep a list of due dates in a calendar or agenda to make sure that due dates won’t sneak up on you.
Students also need a balance of challenging classes, classes that have to be taken, and classes that the student will enjoy and have fun in. With a mixture of all of these, students won’t be too loaded down with work but they will still be challenged and motivated throughout the year.


--Kara Kelso

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