Friday, September 18, 2015

Star Wars Facts

With episode VII just around the corner, it might be a good idea to get schooled in the realm of Star Wars. Lucky for you, I’ve conjured up some of the most interesting facts from a galaxy far far away.

  • Han shot first- Chances are you’ve probably seen “Han shot first” on a t-shirt at some point, but what does it mean? Well, in the original Star Wars: A New Hope that premiered in ‘77 Han Solo is introduced in a scene in which he shoots a green alien whom he obviously was not on good terms with in a cantina. But when the anniversary edition was released with multiple CGI edits made to original trilogy, creator George Lucas decided to digitally make it where the alien, Greedo, shoots first at Han, and Han quickly shoots back. This change was made to make Han look like less of a ruthless bad guy, but it really just ended up upsetting fans.
  • Star Wars re-releases- Along with the Han shot first dilemma, the re-releases also gave us a lot of other edits that didn’t really please the fans. One edit that was well received included an added scene that established Luke’s friendship with another pilot, Biggs Darklighter, before his death. It’s really an interesting situation because it can be hard for younger people to know if they have ever actually seen the original edits of the films.
  • Blame Jar Jar- After George Lucas had realized how much of a hated character Jar Jar Binks was after The Phantom Menace, in Episode ll he subtly tried to make him into a villain. While Jar Jar was standing for Senator Amidala, Jar Jar was the one who suggested that Palpatine should be given supreme powers. That way Jar Jar could be held responsible for indirectly causing the fall of the old republic and the destruction of the Jedis.
  • Yoda- Frank Oz, the puppeteer known for the voices of Miss Piggy and other Muppets, only landed the job to play Yoda  because Jim Henson, the puppeteer of The Labyrinth, turned it down and recommended Oz. Lucas was so impressed with Oz that he tried to sway for him to receive an Oscar nomination but was unsuccessful.
  • Body Counts- Episode lll, Revenge of the Sith, had the highest body count of any of the Star Wars Films, with a 115 deaths on screen. The film with lowest body count is The Empire Strikes Back, which has only 30.
--Triston Harlan & Mackenzi Wood

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