Friday, September 25, 2015

Out Here Goating

Last night (September 24th, 2015) at the fair, Westside sophomore Bailey Tosh participated in her very first goat show. The show took place at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. Bailey placed in the top 8 in showmanship out of the total 68 contestants. She also placed third in the actual judging of the goat. After the competition, Bailey was very excited. She said, “I was nervous, but at the same time super excited. It felt like Ruby (her goat) and I were in perfect sync. I’m so ready for the shows this coming Spring.” Bailey and the rest of the contestants all did great.
IMG_2753.jpg  IMG_9027.jpg
      (Bailey Tosh and Ruby the Goat)                (Bailey Tosh and Ruby the Goat in the middle)
--Colton Tosh 

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