Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fishing tips for fresh water fishing

  • For lake and river fishing, go where the water turns from shallow to deep. Fish like to congregate and look for food in this area.
  • Shiny fishing lures can attract certain fish, but the reflection of the sun can blind them and cause confusion.
  • Use a matted metal fishing lure instead if possible, to avoid too much reflection.
  • Cast close to the shoreline for more bites.
  • Look for mossy areas, as fish prefer to swim in these areas to forage for food.
  • A lot of people use worms as bait, but locusts are also a great choice. Larger fish like bass really enjoy these insects.
  • Check the local fishing reports that day for updates on areas where they're biting.
  • Sunrise is an excellent time to fish; try to go out early in the morning.
  • Pay close attention to the movement of your line. Learn how to understand the difference between a curious fish and one that is biting so you can hook and reel it in.
  • Research the region you will be fishing in to find out what kinds of fish live there and the things they like.
  • Be patient. Patience really is the key to good fishing. Bring a book or radio if you plan to out for a long time, and remember that all good things come to those who wait.

--Luke Taylor

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