Tuesday, September 15, 2015

England School “Isolates” Forty Students for Pencil Case Infringements

Magna Academy is a school in Dorset, England that has been praised for raising the standards. However, many people believe that the school went too far when school officials isolated forty of its pupils for “pencil case infringements.” Magna Academy’s students are aged 12 to 18. Forty students were banned because they did not meet the 30 cm pencil case and ruler requirement. Miranda Crumpler was upset that her 12 year old son was put in isolation because his ruler was 20 cm instead of 30. Miranda says, “The academy says it wants to educate to a high standard, but how can pupils be educated when they are put in isolation like this?” The forty isolated children were sent into a classroom separate from their other classmates until their parents brought them the correct equipment. One parent had to leave their job to deliver a ruler to her daughter at school. Do you feel that the school’s rules on pencil cases and rulers were fair, or were the school officials taking a step too far?
--Kara Kelso

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