Monday, September 21, 2015

Curfew for teens

In many towns throughout the United States, city officials have developed curfew laws to handle the issues with teens staying out late-- mostly drivers. The main reason these laws are formed is to help teens stay out of trouble and to lower teen crime throughout the cities. People steer both ways on the controversial topic because it depends on their perspective of it, but both have logical explanations to whether or not curfews should be required.  Supporters of teen curfew state that it lets parents have expectations for their kids, or that it teaches them responsibility while keeping them safe by offering the teens less opportunities for crimes involving vandalism, drug and alcohol usage, stealing, and many other offenses. However, those who disagree with the curfew law claim that teens will still commit a crime if they really want to whether there’s a curfew or not. Also, many will still stay out later or even sneak out if they want to hang out with friends, and curfews additionally place restrictions on everyone else, too. Studies have shown that most violent teen crime takes place from around 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., but it could start at any time of the day because emergencies happen at all times. In my opinion, I think that teens 16  years and older should only have a curfew during the school year. The stricter you are on teens the more rebellious they will become. Teens need freedom!

--Caitlin Vickers

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