Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ceramic's first glaze

This week in ceramics, the students learned about their first glazing process. Glazing is the method you need to use in order for your pottery to become shiny and glassy. The whole class had to cover their pots with a glaze paint; we had to put three coats of paint on the pots then re-fire the pots. Only a handful came out shiny and glossy because of the kiln temperature and the amount of glaze on it. Most of the class had a matte finish on their pots, and the color wasn’t as vibrant as what it should’ve been. Even with the un-shiny artwork, the class was still proud of their hard work over the weeks.

Art by : Kailee James, Photography by : Mr.Ramer

Art by: Maddie Browder, Photographed by: Mr. Ramer

Art by: Matthew Quillman, Photographed by: Mr. Ramer
--Kailee James

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