Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Becoming STAR Students

   Our new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Branch, is a big supporter of the STAR program. She gave us her explanation of the STAR program, along with the expectations and rewards associated with it. Here is her explanation: 
  “The STAR program is a proactive systems approach for designing and maintaining a safe and conducive  learning environment in  schools. The primary goal is to model and teach students how to behave appropriately and to provide opportunities to reinforce positive behavior. In some cases teachers may assist students by having them refocus their behavior, reflect on their behavior, or redirect their behavior if it is not in accordance with the WHS handbook.  Students will be a WHS STAR if they do the following:  Step Up, Take Responsibility, Achieve Academically, or Respect themselves and others. Students will periodically be called to the Asst. Principal's office to receive recognition for being a WHS STAR. Each teacher has been asked to post up the expectations in their rooms for a WHS STAR and to reward students with STAR cards for their positive behavior. Students will use the STAR cards to participate in an organized FUN DAY at the end of the semester or other activities throughout the year.  All students are encouraged to participate in this program.” - Mrs. Branch
   So, as Mrs. Branch said, participation is encouraged! Please do your utmost to Step Up, Take Responsibility, Achieve Academically, and Respect everyone. It will help Westside be a much more successful and comfortable place!

--Haley Goodebiddle

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