Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Applying for scholarships

Scholarships are practically a necessity for college students. College is extremely expensive, but thankfully, there are many scholarships available to assist students with their college payments. Here are a few simple tips for applying for scholarships.
Applications for scholarships include essays, recommendations, and lists of achievements that showcase your best qualities. Deadlines are extremely important to keep up with. Find scholarships that you want to apply for, figure out when the deadline is, and mark it on a calendar. Some scholarships have deadlines early on in the fall of senior year. Make sure that the deadlines don’t pass you up! Finding scholarships to apply for can be time consuming. Using websites such as can help students find a list of scholarships that are right for them. Many scholarships will ask for your high school transcript, ACT scores, financial aid forms, parents’ financial information, an essay, letters of recommendation, and proof that you are eligible for the scholarship. Make sure that you have all of these items available.
Remember that scholarships can only help you, so apply for as many as possible. Scholarships equal less money that you have to end up paying.

-Kara Kelso

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