Thursday, September 10, 2015

App Review

Music is great, and today there are so many different listening platforms; it’s hard to keep up with them. Well, I’m going to tell you about the only music app that you need in your life. This music platform is called 8tracks. Have you ever just been in a mood where you didn’t really know what you wanted to listen to? Well, this app/website lets you put in the mood you’re feeling, the genre, artist, or what you’re doing; and it will give you playlists created by other people that fit that description. I know, you’re already thinking that this sounds awesome; how could it get any better? The app is completely free, and you only have to hear one commercial at the beginning; after that you can listen to all the music you like. 8tracks is not only a good way to hear your favorite music, but you may also learn some new music that you may end up liking. I highly recommend this app, also, it’s not blocked on the Chromebooks. You should definitely give it a try.  


--Mackenzi Wood

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