Friday, August 28, 2015

Coming Together As A Team

Caption for picture one: Whitley Cox (left) and Bailey Tosh (right) get a massive block for the Lady Warriors against Jonesboro! #Point

Caption for picture two: The Lady Warriors get into a huddle to say good job after working together to add another point to their score against Harrisburg. Pictures By: Austin Murphy

         On Thursday, August 20, 2015, the  Westside Lady warriors started off the season at Harrisburg. Harrisburg hosted the Jamboree for four teams: themselves, Westside, Paragould, Jonesboro, and Piggot. The Lady Warriors were ecstatic for the season to finally arrive after working hard over the summer to get where they needed to be.
         They started off playing Paragould who came prepared for anything thrown their way. The Lady Warriors were startled at the sight of how Paragould was ready to play. After starting the match, I personally was terrified of their front row hitters. Playing defense against this team was not easy, but being the Lady Warriors, we dug up and put down all the balls we possible could. At the end, there was nothing else possible to do. The Sr. High A team suffered the first loss of the season with a score of 20-25.
          Coming straight out of a loss into another game, the Lady Warriors took on Jonesboro with determination to beat them. After working hard and working together, The Sr. High B team came out with a win for the Lady Warriors with a score of 25-19.  Now the whole team was determined to beat the other two teams.
           The match against Piggott came easily to the A team as they communicated and worked together to get it done. The Lady Warriors added another win to their scorebook as they battled and defeated the Lady Mohawks with a score of 25-16. All they needed to do now was to go up against their last match.
           As the match began, we all knew this one would be the best game of the night, which was against one of their new conference rivals this year, Harrisburg. As the game went on, passes were missed, hits were slow, serves went out, and sets were slow. Friends and family cheered on the Lady Warriors as the game was getting tough, and they were getting tired. The fans are what kept the team going as the game came to an end. With teamwork and communication, the Lady Warriors could not pull out a win. The Lady Hornets beat us 20-25.

           Overall, the Lady Warriors had played their hearts out every game and against every team that crossed their path that night. They came together as a team and defeated what they thought others couldn’t.
--Jaden Baker

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