Friday, August 28, 2015


Atmosphere is an independent hip-hop-ish group that originated in Minneapolis in the 90's. At first, they were more of your traditional 90's hip-hop group, but over the years they have evolved into something truly unique. The lead singer Sean “Slug” Daley is always bringing something new to the table lyrically, and the music that Anthony “Ant” Davis produces is one of a kind. They are always reshaping and bending their style as a group. Some songs sound like the hip-hop that some people might be used to, but they have songs that range from acoustic, to heavy hitting instrumentals, to a soothing, more laid-back sound. There is one thing that almost all of their songs have in common, though: they have heart. Atmosphere has produced songs that give commentary on really personal experiences that lead singer Slug has gone through, exampled in songs like “Yesterday” and “Last to Say," two of their best in my opinion. Other songs tell completely made up narratives that act more like poems with music in the background than the actual hip-hop-ish songs that you might have heard before, represented perfectly in the song “Became." I recommend checking out this group to anyone that enjoys unique, independent music or people who might be old fans of hip-hop and are looking for something new and different. I think this group provides a variety of great music that can appeal to almost anybody.
Sean "Slug" Daley and Anthony "Ant" Davis

--Triston Harlan

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