Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shelly C Senior Model Photo Shoot by Mackenzi Wood

Last Saturday, Shelly C had her 2015-2016 senior model shoot. The original plan was to go to Hardy, but with the weather doing what the Arkansas weather does, we decided to just stay in Jonesboro. It was super fun and despite the super cold weather we ended up with some rocking pictures. Shelly is not your average photographer; she’s awesome. Anyways, for all you seniors right now she’s still bookable (wink wink, nudge nudge), and she is also booking seniors for next year.
Check her out yourself:
Instagram: @shellyc_photography
Facebook: Shelly C Photography

Untitled drawing.jpg (From top left): Mackenzi Wood, Matthew Quillman, Payton Gooch, Matthew Quillman and Faith Ohler, Joshua Thompson, Destiny Mullins, Journee Fernandez, Brandi Barksdale, Maddie Browder, Landon Scott, Emily Timms, Mackenzi Wood, Faith Ohler, Matthew Quillman, Whitley, Journee Fernandez, Landon Scott, and Maddie Browder.

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