Monday, April 6, 2015

Prom People Party Away in Enchanted Forest

Westside's Prom was Saturday, April 4th. The theme was Enchanted Forest and students were very pleased with the outcome. Decorations in the elementary cafeteria were phenomenal, and everyone is gushing that it was much better than the year before, which was at ASU. The music was very energetic, and everyone was out dancing; a conga line even broke out! The Grand March was attended by many parents, and everyone walking looked phenomenal; no one tripped over their dress! After a dance off during the wobble and a few prizes drawn for, the Prince and Princess were announced. The winners were J.T. Schwarz and Brittnee Carson! They formally declined a dance, and we resumed on. Prom King and Queen were announced with high anticipation. After having a five way tie for Queen and voting again, the winners were Zac Passmore and Sarah Doty! They danced away, and Sarah even gave a joking marriage proposal. Overall, everyone was very satisfied with dancing in the Enchanted Forest.
In photo: Jessica Baker and Jeremy Poe
In photo: Triston Turner, Emily Simmons, Jessica Baker, and Jeremy Poe.
In photo: Triston Turner and Jeremy Poe
In photo (from left): Zac Preston, Zuri Orozco, Kory Gibson, Dylan Roberts, Hunter Johnson, Connor Caples, Colton Hart, Micheal Carr

In photo: (front left): Kristen Smith, Connor Caples, Micheal Carr, Rachel Millness, Zuri Orozco, Alex Zeigler, McKaley Foster, Hunter Johnson, Kory Gibson, Brinkley Ference, Lexi Primm, Weston Statler, Josh Baker, Ashleigh Smith, and Dylan Roberts.

In photo: Kara Kelso and Colton Moon
In photo: Kara Kelso and Haley Robinson
In photo: Drew Slaven, Whitnee Guthrie, Haley Robinson, Braden Adams, Kara Kelso, and Colton Moon
In photo: Lexi Primm, Alex Zeigler, and Madison Doss

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