Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cool Places to Vacation That You've Never Heard Of by Triston Harlan

  • Action Park- Vernon, New Jersey
Action Park is a theme park in New Jersey that originally opened in 1978, however because of its multiple deaths as a result of the park’s lack of safety regulation, it has been shutdown and re-opened a few times. Today, the park has taken out a few of its older, more dangerous rides, but still rides off of the hype it was given all those years by making the dangerous rides more safe and efficient. The park consists of many attractions, including some pretty ambitious water slides. It looks like it would be a cool place to visit, and you get to walk out saying “Yeah, I just survived the most dangerous theme park in America.” How cool would that be?

  • April 27, Rollercoaster Day
Instead of going to a specific rollercoaster, why not go to any Six Flags theme park on National Rollercoaster Day, April 27th. Rollercoaster Day is a carefully selected day at Six Flags and is typically open but not crowded. You basically get the whole park to yourself; no lines! No waiting! Started by YouTuber Freddie Wong, the day is starting to catch on, so more and more people are attending; however it still isn’t crowded compared to the park’s busy days. I think this is a great idea for a getaway and could be lots of fun.

  • Crooked Forest, Western Poland
But what if you’re in the mood for some nature? Or maybe in the mood for something a little interesting? I say check out what they call the “Crooked Forest” located in Western Poland. The “Crooked Forest” contains about 400 pine trees, all bent at a 90 degree angle at their bottoms. The cause of their odd shape is still unknown to this day, which is pretty crazy. Sounds like a good, relaxing place to do some sightseeing, if you ask me.

  • Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve- Wulingyuan, China
Let’s say you’re down for some real sightseeing. There’s this mountain range in Wulingyuan, China that looks like it’s straight out of Avatar. The Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is made up of huge stone pillars sticking up out from the ground, often surrounded in fluffy white clouds. The stones are covered in vegetation, and the entire sight paints an amazing picture to remember. The best part about this place? It is almost never overrun with tourists. Looks to be worth the flight.

  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Okay, you’re in the mood for a getaway, but you don’t want to leave the country. What do you do? You go to Arizona, that’s what. There’s this canyon near Page, Arizona known as Antelope Canyon that is absolutely amazing. It’s a canyon that is split into two parts caused by flood waters and erosion over many years. The result is a sight that will make your camera hard to put down and trails to tour that will make your eyes happy. The scenery in this destination is crazy beautiful and is definitely worth checking out.USA Antelope-Canyon.jpg

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