Tuesday, April 28, 2015

8 Groovy Terms To Jazz Up Your Vocab!

    8 words and phrases we should still use
  1. Cat’s Pajamas- an excellent person or thing.
   Ex: Man, my mom made me cookies! She sure is the Cat’s Pajamas!
  1. bees knees-- Awesome.
   Ex: I think that it’s just the Bee’s Knees that you care about the environment.
  1. groovy- fashionable or enjoyable.
   Ex: I love your haircut; it’s super Groovy.
  1. Stop dipping in my Kool-aid-- basically means, stay out of my business.
   Ex: It has nothing to do with you, so stop dipping in my Kool-aid.
  1. Gazuntite- When someone sneezes, use this instead of saying "bless you."
   Ex: Achoo! “Gazuntite man!” “thank you!”
  1. Do that! - Basically means that you’ve got it going on, or you look good.
    Ex: Do that! Do that girl! Your outfit is flawless!
  1. L7 Weenie- Synonym for scaredy cat
    Ex: He won’t hop over the fence because he’s an L7 Weenie!
  1. Funkadelic- awesome and funky at the same time.
    Ex: I love your boots--totally funkadelic. 10 out of 10!

--Mackenzi Wood


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