Monday, March 30, 2015

The DUFF Movie Review by Triston Harlan

The DUFF Movie Review

The DUFF is a comedy that focuses on a senior in high school named Bianca as she figures out she is the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” (or DUFF) of her group of friends. So, after making that discovery, she reaches out to her childhood friend who grew up to be a popular high school jock to help her un-DUFF herself. The movie is fun and gets pretty deep at a few parts. It captures the high school demographic really well and shows how much words can affect someone’s mood and decisions. I like how they showed her going through different stages when she finds out she is the DUFF of her group.Every character in the movie seemed to play a part in the story it’s trying to tell, and every character had unique personalities that were well written, and the actors killed it in every part.  A few things I didn't really like about the movie though include the fact that the movie tries so hard to make the main character, Bianca, look so ugly when in reality, she really isn't. Also, the movie is really predictable. If you watch the trailer and guess how the movie will end, you’re probably right. All in all, it’s good for what it is, which is a high school teenager romance movie.

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  1. Anonymous8/12/15 09:32

    What a very good review. I will give this movie a watch! Tribal Tribune stay tuned!