Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pop Culture

The Longest Ride- This Nicholas Sparks book tells two love stories-- one of Ira Levinson and wife, Ruth, who died many years before and the other is of an upcoming romance between a bull rider, Luke, and Sophia. The story begins when Ira gets in a car wreck that leaves him helpless. He sees his wife through all their times together in a flashback. Sophia, recovering from a bad breakup after her boyfriend, Brian, cheats on him. She goes out with her roommate, Marcia, to a bull riding contest where she meets Luke, who saves her from Brian’s attempts to get her back. Soon after beginning a relationship, their relationship falls apart when his secret becomes too much to keep from Sophia. After finding out that Sophia’s best friend Marcia begins to date Brian, she turns to Luke for support. The Longest Ride is set to be released in theater April 10, 2015.

-Whitnee Guthrie

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