Tuesday, March 24, 2015

shannon.jpgMarch 24, 1998.To some people, it's just another day, but to Jonesboro, Arkansas, it's the day that five families lost their loved ones. Paige Herring, Stephanie Johnson, Natalie Brooks, Britthney Varner, and Shannon Wright lost their lives at Westside Middle School due to a shooting. The lost lives of Stephanie Johnson, Natalie Brooks, Paige Herring, and Britthney Varner are a tragedy. I’m here to inform you about the wonderful woman that was Shannon Wright. Age 32, wife of Mitchell Wright and mother of Zane Wright, had gone to work that day as she did everyday; she was a teacher. The fire alarm went off,and everyone had gathered outside. There they were, two middle school boys with their guns. One of the boys had aimed at a fellow classmate and fired the gun, but Mrs.Wright had jumped in front and saved one of her student’s lives. Sadly, Mrs. Wright didn’t make it. What Mrs.Wright did was very noble, and I think everyone should know of this amazing woman. I just wish everyone could just see this post to realize how much our teachers love us, and we hardly give them any respect. Attending Westside High School, I’ve noticed that after a while no one really brought up the shooting that much anymore. Our middle school has a memorial to the ones who lost their lives, but it’s kind of a sore topic. So as we get older and now it’s 17 years since the shooting, no one really thinks about it. As we have new students come in, they are unaware of what has happened,and that is sad. Shannon Wright shouldn’t ever be forgotten. I am one of those people that love all my teachers and try to show them the respect they deserve, but then again, I’ve been exposed to the family that has lost;knowing how it impacted them makes me want to be a better student. When we go to school,we’re educated on what we’ll need to know when we’re in a work place,but we also learn how to make friends and how to treat people. Mrs. Wright should be an example for all of us. Why not start showing our teachers a little respect. I think it would be amazing.Students, stop complaining to your teacher. They have a lot to deal with. I know as students we are stressed, but think of our teachers every once in a while.
-- Mackenzi Wood

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