Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From First To Last - Auvrea's Band Highlight

From First To Last is a post-hardcore band from Tampa, Florida most known for having Sonny Moore, now known as Skrillex, as the vocalist for two albums. The Band now consists of Spencer Sotelo (vocals), Matt Good (lead guitar, backup vocals), Travis Richter (guitar, backup vocals), Taylor Larson (guitar), Matt Manning (bass, backup vocals), Ernie Sleknovich (drums).

The band formed in 1999 by Matt Good and Travis Richter. Matt Good was the original vocalist while also being the lead guitarist. Phil Reardon joined later and became the new lead vocalist while Matt backed down to doing backup vocals. They released the EP Aesthetic in 2003. Shortly after Phil left the band after a disagreement. He wanted the band to go in a heavier direction while the other members wanted to do the opposite. After Phil left Matt planned on going back to lead vocals and recruiting someone to take his position as lead guitarist. Matt met Sonny Moore on Myspace, who had just turned 16, and invited him to come down to the studio and help with recording guitar. Sonny’s parents flew him down to Georgia and while at the studio Sonny asked to help with vocal melodies, and once the band members heard him sing, they made him the new lead vocalist. They released their first album, Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count in 2004. It sold up to 200,000 copies and launched the band into the mainstream. They made it onto Van’s Warped Tour and various other festivals. They released their second album Heroine, featuring Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit on bass, and it sold almost 300,000 copies. This may not sound like that much compared to the multi-platinum artists most people listen to these days, but for a post-hardcore band that’s huge. Shortly after the album was released however, Sonny started having problems with his voice and had to undergo multiple surgeries to be able to sing again. They were dropped from their label and had no bassist, so Sonny decided to leave the band. 

After Sonny left Matt Good took over lead vocals again and they released two more albums before going on indefinite hiatus in 2010. They reformed again in 2014 with Spencer Sotelo, from the band Periphery, on vocals and are set to release a crowd funded album later this year. You’ve probably heard the songs "Note to Self," "The Latest Plague," or "Shame, Shame" before somewhere. They were fairly famous but seemed to be forgotten by most people, which is rather unfortunate because they’re still a great band. Would recommend to anyone into anything punk.

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