Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Review by Alicha Vinson

The Impossible Knife of Memory  was a thrilling book full of moments all people can relate to. The book follows Haley Kincain as she tries to become accustomed to the idea of being settled down. Before, her father, Andy, whom is a vet of war, and herself were always on the road; her father was a trucker. Her mother had passed away early in her life while her father was in the army. Suddenly, her life comes to a complete 180 as her father decides it’s time to settle down for her senior year and allow her to go to an actual school. She quickly labels people as “zombies” in the school, except for three people: her best friend Gracie, her boyfriend Will, and Will’s friend Finn. As her life comes spiraling down around her- her father suffering war memories, her evil step mother, Trish, coming back into the picture, and the terrible idea of going to school daily- Finn becomes the only one that can help her. When things go from bad to worse, she realizes she must turn to the one person she's always avoided- Trish. Through the bumps in the road, Haley finally comes to understand the impossible knife of memory.

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