Friday, February 6, 2015

Unaware Wearing

Do you know the meaning of what you are wearing? Most people believe that what they wear doesn't matter. Little do they know that what they wear can actually have somewhat of a big impact on their life. Let's just give an example. The new thing to wear is the “I can’t breathe” shirts. Most people believe that it is just supporting the actions of enforcement in Ferguson. The actual meaning of that shirt is not for a race or a religion. The shirt means justice for everyone. Everyone has a right to be heard-- innocent before proven guilty. This is how our justice system should go. Also, wearing a band shirt because you believe that it is ‘hipster’ can also give a bad impression to others around you. Some of the band members could use provocative language in their songs or even the band members themselves can be a bad influence. This would make you look like you support the things they do and the things that they believe in. Some of the more common shirts you see worn is from bands like the Ramones and Nirvana. 
I have encountered this first hand; I saw one of my friends wearing a Ramones shirt and asked them if they knew any of their songs. As I suspected, she told me the only reason she had bought the shirt is because she thought it was cute.What if the Ramones was a band that talked about bad stuff in their songs or the band members were vulgar themselves? Is that something you’d really want to spend your money on? Is that what you want people to believe you are supporting? Do you ever take into account the people around you? For example, you’re walking around in a shirt that you bought because you thought it was cute, but it has a bad meaning behind it. What if your friend’s parents see you walking around in it,and they know the meaning? That could give them the wrong idea, and they may end up not wanting you to hang out around their kid. However, the Ramones are not a bad band. Their songs are actually quite catchy. I’m just saying you need to be more aware. If you like a band and know what their music is about, then you should buy the shirt. When you buy something because it’s cute, you may be giving your money to something that you are totally against. Be sure that you’re aware before you wear.

By: Scarlett and Megan Howlett.

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