Monday, February 23, 2015

Top 5 Youtubers That You Need To Check Out

Article by: Mackenzi Wood

1. Onision

     Okay, this is the only one I'm going to 
warn you about. Onision is not your  everyday Youtuber. He takes the social problems that everyone is afraid to talk about and makes fun of them; not like 
in an offensive or bad way, but in a way that makes you realize how dumb it is. Onision is one of my favorite Youtubers and if you get a chance, you should check him out.

Jacksfilms is one of your everyday  Youtuber,  but with flair. Jacksfilms has several  different segments that I love, but my absolute favorite i"Your Grammar Sucks", which is where he takes comments from  social media and kind of teases about their grammar.

3.My Digital Escape

Untitled drawing.jpgIf you're a girl that is on Youtube often, then you've probably heard of a channel called Our Second Life. Well, My Digital Escape is kind of like them, but instead of all boys, My Digital Escape has all boys and one girl. Anyways, My Digital Escape is a collaborative channel of Youtubers such as Bryan Stars, Austin Jones, Alex Dorman, Kyle David Hall, Jordan Sweeto, Johnnie Guillbert, and Jeydon Wale. If you have any free time, you should definitely check them out.

postmodern jukebox.jpg

I was introduced to this channel by Mr. Miller. This channel is actually a music group called Post Modem Jukebox. This group takes your everyday pop songs  and gives them the old time-y sound that your grandparents listened to. I know that
may not interest you, but I guarantee you that it's worth a listen. Check them out, I dare you. You just might like it.

5. Grav3yardgirl

This chick has an amazing personality and great videos. Bunny is a beauty guru. She does videos that cover shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, and videos where she reviews items that you may see on infomercials. I feel that most girls would enjoy her videos and maybe a few guys.

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