Thursday, February 19, 2015


Article By: Mackenzi Wood

Thursday, February 12, 2015, our Westside Drama Club traveled to Russellville, Arkansas to participate in the annual Thespian Festival. All performances by Westside High received Excellence. That sounds pretty good right? Well, it was, but it wasn't what we were quite aiming for. Anywho, Thespian Festival was pretty amazing, especially since we brought along some of the Drama Club alumni such as Ariel Coleman, Jordan Simpson, Gunnar George, Amber Householder, and Ben Diab. Festival is something that is just amazing, and I can’t wait to go back next year. The bus ride there and back was one of my favorite things because all we did was quote “Spongebob” and sing. We may have received excellence to the judges, but to me we got a superior. Drama kids are my absolute favorite people, and spending three straight days with them is just unforgettable.
Photo Credits: Ms. Chapman

In photos: (top left): Ryan Tate, Nick Patton, Jerry Jackson, Spencer Vaughn, Zac Passmore, Matthew Quillman, Gunnar George, Brett Moss, Logan Tribble, Dylan Painter, Cody Williamson
Front row: Brittany McIntosh, Mallory Smith, Katy Thomas
Bottom: Makenzi Wood, Sarah Doty, and Carissa Mooneyhan
(top right): From left: Spencer Vaughn, Zac Passmore, Dylan Painter, Logan Tribble, Cody Williamson, Brett Moss, Mackenzi Wood, Brittany McIntosh, Jerry Jackson, Amber Householder, and Ms. Chapman
(bottom left): Spencer Vaughn, Ariel Coleman, Jordan Simpson
(bottom middle): Spencer Vaughn, Brett Moss, Gunnar George, Cody Williamson, Dylan Painter, Mackenzi Wood, Sarah Doty
(bottom right): Amber Householder, Ben Diab, Ariel Coleman, Jordan Simpson, and Gunnar George (All alumi members)
***Some members in photos may not be recognized in the list due to inability to decipher members in photos***

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