Friday, February 6, 2015

Popular Books Turned in to Movies

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (released October 3, 2014)
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a novel (movie was released on October 3, 2014) about a beautiful woman named Amy. She was the coolest girl around—funny, wealthy, and feminine, all while still being one of the boys. Amy was the envy of women and the desire of all men, until one night at a party, she meets Nick, a hunky, all-American boy. They get married and live happily ever after, that is until Amy goes missing and Nick is the primary suspect in her disappearance, after only five years of marriage. Gone Girl is a mix of mystery, thriller, and drama. Gone Girl shows us that people are not always what you think they are and that people hide behind social media to craft their own public image.
Paper Towns by John Green (in production - release date June 5, 2015)
Paper Towns by John Green (movie in production - release date June 5, 2015) is about a seventeen-year-old boy, Quentin Jacobsen, who lives in Orlando. Quentin has had a lifelong crush on his childhood best friend, Margo. Margo was known for being tough and Quentin had a reputation for being intelligent. When Quentin and Margo were just kids, Margo showed Quentin a discovery, she had found a man who had killed himself. Her discovery changed their lives forever, resulting in Quentin needing therapy and ultimately him and Margo going their separate ways. Only a few weeks before graduation, Margo appears to Quentin’s house in the middle of the night. Margo asks him to come with her for a night full of pranks. Quentin hopes that the night will bring the two together as friends again, but Margo runs away soon after. Quentin and his friends skip their graduation and go looking for Margo, following clues she left behind. Along the way, Quentin realizes that Margo isn’t the person that he thought he had known.
-Whitnee Guthrie

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