Monday, February 23, 2015

Pop Culture

The Duff- This teen comedy follows high school senior, Bianca (Mae Whitman), a quirky girl who’s crushed to find out that she is known as ‘The DUFF’, or better known as the Designated Ugly Fat Friend, by her so called group of prettier, popular friends. On her quest to change her social standing, she gets Wes (Robbie Amell), the high school jock and her former friend to help save her senior year and help her get the attention of her crush, Toby (Nick Eversman). Along the way, she has to overthrow the high school “it” girl, Madison (Bella Thorne) and lets everyone know that they need to be true to who they are, because no matter what, they’re all someone’s DUFF. The Duff was released February 20, 2015. -Whitnee Guthrie

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