Friday, February 27, 2015


Article by: Triston Harlan
Last Sunday, the 87th Oscar awards were held honoring the best films of 2014. Neil Patrick Harris made for a fun and goofy host, depending on who you ask, and the winners were well deserved with some very deep speeches to go along with them. It started on a really good note, with an opening number to be remembered. Some of my favorite speeches from the night include Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech for Boyhood, which focused on equality for women. In the midst of her speech, Meryl Streep got up out of her seat and cheered her on in agreement. In JK Simmons’ acceptance speech for Whiplash, he told everyone that if you have parents still alive, to call them and tell them you love them. Graham Moore, who won an award for best adapted screenplay for The Imitation Game, dedicated his speech to anyone battling suicide as he once did. It was a truly touching to see people dedicate their wins to other people and make their speech stand for something.
Some funnier moments from the Oscars include the performance of “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie by Tegan and Sara featuring the Lonely Island. All of the back up dancers were dressed in construction  uniforms like the main character, Emmett, and Will Arnett even made a cameo as Batman. It really just lightened the mood of the whole thing. Also Neil Patrick Harris cracked a few jokes here and there, my favorite of which was his spoof of Birdman where he walked onto stage in his underwear. Overall, it was a fun time, and the wins felt well deserved. The only bad things would be the length, which ran for more than three-and-a-half hours and a few jokes that seemed to go no where. If you want to see the winners and nominees from the night, check out this website:  

--Triston Harlan


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