Friday, February 27, 2015

Being the Bigger Person

Article by: Megan Howlett
Let's say you and and your best friend get into a big argument over a boy. In this situation, you have virtually two options. One, you could continue to fight and argue with her over a worthless boy, or you could be the bigger person and continue to live your life in happiness. More than likely if you're fighting your best friend over him, he is not worth it. Why not just ignore that whole situation and go live your life? Being the bigger person is always a solid route to take in life. And let's be honest for a moment. Only 18% of people marry their high school sweethearts, yet only 7% of high schools' sweethearts stay married for more than 20 years. Being the bigger person can make you seem very professional in most situations. Plus, being the bigger person keeps you remotely drama free. In today's society, it is so easy to fall into temptation and fight back with people. But if you do that, you're only causing yourself more pain and drama. Being the bigger person isn't always about letting things not bother you. Sometimes being the bigger person means to stand up for people who can't stick up for themselves. One of the definitions of ‘Being the Bigger Person’ is “about making the choice to live up to our ideals in spite of the forces that may seek to bring us down.” People in this world are cruel; people love thriving off the fact that they can bring you down with words. They feel like if they can make you feel bad about yourself then it makes them look cool. In all reality, fighting back with people is extremely immature. Even if being the bigger person isn't the ‘cool or hip’ choice, it will help you later on in life. And if you have to, just step completely away from the whole situation.

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